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Doc Tommy’s Charm Lands a Video Showcase!

Here’s yet another reason to know that Doc Tommy is the right doctor! (“the most reliable online resource to find cannabis storefronts, doctors and deals”) approached Doc Tommy to be the subject of this amazing video!

Only a doctor whose professionalism, expertise, and great patient relationships will yield such really, good karma! (Click video for full screen or CLICK HERE for larger video view.) NOTE: You may wish to LOWER the video’s volume before playing.

Doc Tommy’s “MMJ Q&A” Show - all rights reservedHave you submitted your questions yet? Doc Tommy is preparing to launch a series of video segments where he specifically addresses your questions! Now’s your chance to be a part of this unique venture that will make Medical Marijuana more user-friendly for patients and the public!

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Paper Tissue & Toilet Paper Safety & Health

Tis the season for the sniffles and aren’t we lucky to have disposable tissues and toilet paper? However, there are many concerns regarding the safety of these products.

The Low-Down

Who knew? Some tissues and toilet paper actually contain allergens that can irritate skin! On top of that, pulp and paper manufacturing is one of the highest polluting industries in North America and the third greatest emitter of CO2! The processing of and additives in many paper tissue products have proven to be toxic! Here’s what you should know:

Health & Ecological Considerations

One would think that recycled tissue paper would be a viable option. However, too many recycled (and not recycled) tissue products contain BPAs and BPSs (widely used in the printing process; known to be an endocrine disruptor and can cause increased, metabolic disorders) and various oils (which are most likely genetically modified, and the dangers of GMOs are increasingly, being discovered every day!). Plus, white tissue and toilet paper have been bleached with chlorine, which is not only harmful to the environment, but has been known to be extremely carcinogenic, linked to birth defects, hormonal imbalances, reduced fertility, and immune system imbalances. (See What Is Bleach? And Why Is It Dangerous? for bleach alternatives and information on bleach processing.)

So, what to do?

1. READ Labels and know what the terms mean.

a. Brown or beige paper, BPA-free, CF (Totally Chlorine-Free), PCF (Processed Chlorine-Free) paper products are bleached with oxygen, ozone, or hydrogen, have not been recycled and have not, therefore, ever been exposed to chlorinated bleach.

b. Processed Chlorine Free is made from recycled content and uses a totally, chlorine-free, bleaching process. (Also note the differences between ECF (Elemental Chlorine-Free) and TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) processing.

c. This article describes label definitions that are commonly found in paper products and what they actually mean.

2. While many naturalists advocate cloth toilet paper and cloth handkerchiefs, those of us who live in big cities and around lots of people may not be comfortable with the sanitary considerations of this option. Once one has become spoiled by the softness of popular paper products, even the safest, recycled options can be abrasive. While some of these resources are a little dated, here’s what we suggest:

a. Choose eco-friendly facial tissue. Major considerations are products not made from virgin old-growth trees, use a high percentage of post-consumer recycled content (to cut down on old growth forest destruction), and are not produced with chlorine or other, toxic chemicals (as mentioned above). See this list of “brands to choose for environmental progress.”

b. Download this guide from the Natural Resources Defense Council ( to find products that use environmentally safe processing practices and see if your favorite brands are on the list.

c. Check with the Chlorine Free Products Association, which sets standards for chlorine-free papers and certifies products and mills in a variety of factors including postconsumer fiber content, virgin pulp that did not come from old-growth forests, production in mills without environmental violations, and more.

d. Check out this review of facial tissues and this review of toilet tissue to help you decide on what’s best for you. However, these products are often not environmentally friendly (see An earthy issue: recycled tissue).

3. For more information on this subject, see

Tips to Survive Holiday Stress

Let’s just get to the point with a few resources to help you deal with everything involved with the holidays!

7 Habits for a Happy, Healthy Holiday Season – The Chopra Center

13 Tips for De-Stressing Your Holidays – Spirituality & Practice

10 Tools for Dealing with Holiday Stress and Depression – Psychology Today

6 ways to cope with family stress at the holidays –

Stress, depression and the holidays: Tips for coping – The Mayo Clinic

A good, stress management option is to find groups of people who share your interests to have fun with! lets you search for and find just about anything you can think of and start your own group to attract like-minds!

Did You Read? The Cannabis Nurse Visits Doc Tommy

DocTommy.comCheck out what Sue Rosen RN CLNC, the Associate Editor and Legal Liaison at The National Cannabis Patients Wall, NY American Cannabis Nurses Association has to say about her visit with Doc Tommy in her article, THE NEW YORK STATE PATIENT EXPERIENCE. Ms. Rosen is an excellent educator and activist for MMJ health information and the wonderful role that nurses play in our entire health system.

Medical Marijuana in The News


4 States Legalize Recreational Marijuana and What a Trump Presidency Could Mean for Pot Legalization.

New York: Chart: New York medical marijuana patient counts rising, but still have long way to go. Many factors have contributed to New York’s relatively low patient count, including a limited qualifying condition list, a lack of patient access to doctors that can recommend MMJ, a narrow and pricey selection of cannabis products, and a finite number of dispensaries. Read full article…

Resource: 420 Intel is a source for global marijuana industry news and is searchable by region, politics, business, recreational, medical, and more.

Resource: Thanks to CannLabs for providing the following chart to help you find the right cannabinoids for you and to assist in expanding legislation to make what you need available.

red-arrow-icon Read more, see pending legislation, and make your voice heard

It is important to stay up to date with Medical Marijuana news and contact your legislators (and get on their mailing lists) to:

  • keep MMJ legal in New York State and
  • improve, reform, and preserve our access to MMJ under the NYS Medical Marijuana Laws

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